About the call

To be called to the Bar of Ontario, candidates must complete and meet all the licensing and good character requirements established by the Law Society as necessary to becoming a lawyer in this province.

Generally, a call to the bar follows the successful completion of the Licensing Process. Candidates who have successfully completed and met all administrative and program requirements for the Licensing Process, in accordance with By-Law 4 of the Law Society, are eligible to be called to the Bar of Ontario. Candidates must successfully complete the Barrister Licensing Examination and the Solicitor Licensing Examination, fulfill the Experiential Training Component (e.g. Articling or the LPP), file all documents and fees required and be of good character to be called. For some candidates, however, including lawyers transferring from within Canada, and Ontario law deans and professors, completion of the Licensing Process may not be required. These candidates should contact the Law Society for more information.

Calls are held in June in Toronto, Ottawa and London and September and January in Toronto only. Candidates who commence articles (a ten-month term) in September or later will not be eligible for the calls to the bar in June. The following year, the next opportunity for call would be September in the following year.

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