How To Care For Your Court Shirt

Shirt Care

With proper care, your premium quality court shirts, dress shirts and casual shirts will last several years and continue looking its best.

How Do I Properly Wash My Shirt

How do I properly wash my shirt?

For everyday shirts we recommend a 30 – 40°C washing cycle.  For shirts that are stained we recommend a 40 – 60°C washing cycle.  If your shirt is heavily stained, pre-treat with a little detergent prior to your washing cycle.

How Do I Prevent Underarm Stains

How do I prevent underarm stains?

Underarm stains are caused by the ingredients in antiperspirants and the natural salts in sweat.  Many antiperspirants contain aluminum to help reduce sweat, the aluminium can cause yellowing on the fabric.

Should I Use Dry Cleaning

Should I use dry cleaning?

We do not recommend dry cleaning, however if needed please advise your cleaner to use no starch and only apply a light press. Do not press the shirt collar, cuffs and front placket.