Mens Call To The Bar

To be called to the Bar of Ontario, candidates must complete and meet all the licensing established by the Law Society.  Every candidate for call must appear before Convocation in full court apparel.

Wing Tip Collar Shirt & Tab

The barrister court shirts is the foundation of legal attire.  Our wing tip collar court shirts provide the ultimate comfort, fit and durability you can trust.

Court Shirts Barrister Tab

Black Gown & Vest

Legal robes are the centerpiece of your legal attire.  Our robes are available in 100% Australian wool and super 120’s merino wool.

Legal Robes Waist Coat

Black, Grey Or Striped Pants

Our Barrister pants are manufactured to deliver the balance between comfort and fit.  Available in 100% Australian wool and engineered fabrics provide maximum performance between seasons.

Black Pants Grey Pants

Black Shoes & Socks

Plain black shoes and socks are required legal attire to appear before Convocation.

Black Shoes Black Socks